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Fixing the Roof


Roof tiles are available in many colors and styles including clay and concrete created to be durable and energy-efficient. While they are a more expensive option, they can last between 20- 25 years.
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*Inquire with your HOA & Municipality regarding tile selection restrictions


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Boynton Beach

Tile Roofing


Asphalt Shingles are available in several colors & styles  making it versatile on almost any type of roof. Shingles provide cost-effective prices, flexibility, and durability. 
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*Inquire with your HOA & Municipality regarding shingle selection restrictions

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Boca Raton

Shingle Roofing

Flat Deck

Flat deck roofing has a list of benefits, among them durability and resistance to outdoor elements, fire, and chemicals. Flat roofs can last anywhere between 20-30 years.

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Deerfield Beach

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Flat Deck


Metal roofing can last between 40-70 years! Metal on roofs provide many benefits including helping cut cooling costs by 10-25%. While only some of its materials are recycled, at the end of its lifespan, a metal roofing system is 100% recyclable.
*Inquire with your HOA & Municipality regarding metal selection restrictions

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Coral Springs



Rain Gutters provide longterm benefits in your home or business's water management. During a storm, they effectively channel water flow from your roof, through the downspouts, and direct it to appropriate areas outside the home. Without a gutter system, your roof can pick up a bunch of leaves and other debris, causing water to stagnate and overflow.
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Coral Springs

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