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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

Terms & Conditions

How we take care of Business

Payments Accepted

Pricing is Cash or Check.  Payment by credit card will be accepted with payment amount of 3% increased to cover processing charges. We will require a signed Card Authorization form, before processing payment. 

Payments must be made per payment schedule. Invoices will be issued to cover payment requests for all due amounts. Payments are due net 5 business days after receipt of invoice by owner or owner’s designated agent. If payment fails to arrive by agreed upon schedule, Contractor shall have right to suspend work until such time payment arrives, then Contractor has a reasonable time to reschedule work, should Contractor have begun work on another project. Failure to make payment within Ten (10) business days of payment due date shall constitute a breach of contract. 

Cancellation Policy

Owner may cancel this agreement up to three (3) days following the date of signing, without any penalty. After this period has passed, cancellation by owner will require written notice to Contractor that must be received by Contractor prior to commencement of work. Commencement of work is defined as workers or subcontractors on job site for at least one hour. Owner will pay to contractor 25% of the contract price in the event that a cancellation notice is received after the three (3) day period.  


Contractor warrants all workmanship for a period, specified in the Warranty section of this contract, following the date of completion. Materials may be covered by additional manufactures’ warranties. Contractor’s Warranty is valid only for Owner on this agreement and is not transferrable by sale to new Owner.

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